Our Reputation

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From our sister companies, other Centene subsidiaries from around the country.

In Texas (regarding Superior HealthPlan)
“The assistance we receive from Superior HealthPlan, such as through their care coordination, assistance in locating specialist providers, and member outreach, has reduced these burdens from my office staff and allows us to focus on providing quality care to our Medicaid patients.”—Jose Comacho, Executive Director, Texas Association of Community Health Centers

In South Carolina (regarding Absolute Total Care)
“Access to quality healthcare for all South Carolina residents remains a vital goal for our state. Sharing our vision for a better, healthier community, Absolute Total Care brings trusted partnerships and unparalleled resources which allow our provider community to focus on what it does best—practice medicine. Absolute Total Care is coordinated care at its best.”-George Newby, CEO, ReGenesis Health Care

“Absolute Total Care provides excellent community liaison and organizational support to physicians thereby allowing individual comprehensive patient needs to be met…truly outstanding service.”—Ron Piccione, CEO, Palmetto Primary Care Physicians

In Mississippi (regarding Magnolia Health Plan)
“Being able to provide quality health care to our less fortunate citizens is becoming more difficult in these economic and political times. Magnolia Health Plan is providing liaison and organizational support for physician and patients alike to meet these goals.”—E. Thomas Joiner, MD, Physician

“It is a great pleasure for me to be affiliated with Magnolia Health Plan, a company that actually addresses the diversity in the minority community. Their coordinated care model is what Mississippi providers need to give patients the best in medical care.”—Jasmin Chapman, MD, CEO, Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center

In Georgia (regarding Peach State Health Plan)
“The transition of Medicaid Members into a managed care environment is a huge undertaking. The compassion toward members and providers, along with attention to detail portrayed by Peach State Health Plan is a model for others to imitate.”—J. Keener Lynn, FACMPE Genesis Physicians, Inc.

“As a member of the Peach State Health Plan physician network, I appreciate the plan’s case management philosophy which is designed to help members get all the care they need in the proper settings. There aren’t limits to PCP visits and patient care is highly coordinated so that members take care of their own health—and stay out of the emergency room.”—Sharne Hampton, M.D., Family Practitioner

In Florida (regarding Sunshine State Health Plan)
“Throughout my more than 25 years of medical practice and during my tenure as President of the National Medical Association, I have witnessed the enormous healthcare needs of our citizens. The disease burden and human suffering among our most vulnerable population coupled with the growing fiscal challenge facing our states demands our attention now. The coordinated care program that is being considered by your state in my opinion offers a solution that has been implemented and evaluated with reasonable success to begin to address the needs of this population.”—Nelson L. Adams, M.D., Obstetrics and Gynecologist, President and Chairman—Access Health Solutions