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SHPBN-2019-032 LexisNexis® Clinician Directory Verification Portal

Date: 09/13/19

New portal provides clinician directory verification

We are pleased to introduce our contracted clinicians to VerifyHCP®, a quick and easy clinician directory verification portal developed by LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, in collaboration with the American Medical Association and AMA Business Solutions.*

To make attestation more efficient for you and your staff, VerifyHCP enables practices to validate or update pre-populated directory information in one place across all participating health plans.

Updating your practice information allows us to provide patients with current directory information, so they can evaluate our networks, select in-network providers, and ultimately access care. Our goals are to make this process as easy as possible for clinicians and their practices and to receive 100% response to outreach requests. Clinicians who do not respond to verification requests may face delayed claim reimbursements and removal from provider directories.

Clinician and practice outreach

Outreach to confirm and update directory information will begin September 3, 2019. Several outreach methods will be used including email, fax and phone, with email being the primary method. Clinicians and practices will be directed to register and log in to the Verify Health Care Portal to confirm that their directory information on file is accurate. The Portal is a secure, free website for clinicians and their staff to use to confirm directory information, as required by CMS and various state laws.

For more information on the VerifyHCP product, please visit Contact LexisNexis Risk Solutions Tech Support at with questions about the portal. Thank you again for our ongoing partnership.

If you have questions about this bulletin or other provider resources, please contact Customer Service at 1-877-644-4623.

*AMA Business Solutions is the trade name of AMA Health Information Solutions, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Medical Association. The AMA name and trademark are used by LexisNexis Risk Solutions and AMA Business Solutions under license from the American Medical Association.