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Health & Wellness

New – Krames/StayWell Library!

We have added a new set of tools to help you. This site has added assessments for wellness and lifestyle improvements.

Krames Health Library

Easy access to more than 4,000 health sheets on health and medications. Not sure what do when you have a cold or the flu? Or how much sunscreen to apply? Or what to do if you’re expecting a child? Search for these topics and more on this health library.

Youth Resources

Sunflower has special programs for children and young adults. View our Youth Resources page to learn more.

Teladoc Mental Health

We all have our struggles. Finding support to focus on your emotional health is important.

Now you can use web and mobile tools to help you get better and stay mentally strong.

Teladoc Digital Mental Health program offers eLearning to help members overcome depression and anxiety. This online program includes simple tools, weekly exercises, mood trackers and daily inspirational quotes and videos. The program may be used by itself or with other care.

Start Smart for Your Baby®

We want to help you and your baby grow healthy and stay healthy. Start Smart for Your Baby® is our program for pregnant and new moms. It is designed to customize the support and care you need for a healthy pregnancy and baby. It won’t cost you a thing.