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Extra Services

To access these extra benefits, please call Customer Service toll free 1-877-644-4623 (TTY 711). 

There are no grievance and appeal rights for these Value-Added Benefits listed on this page.

2024 Sunflower Value Added Benefits

Service NameDescription of ServiceHow To Access Service
Dental Visits
  • Two (2) dental visits each year, which includes the exams and cleanings, bitewing x-rays and a panoramic x-ray every 36 months for adults 21 and over. Adult members have a maximum benefit of $500 per calendar year.
  • Children are covered under regular Medicaid benefits on most dental services.
Schedule with a network dentist.
My Health Pays Rewards®Members can earn rewards on a My Health Pays® Visa® Prepaid Card when they get health checkups and screenings. Members can earn $10-$25 in My Health Pays rewards.Find all the details for this program on the My Health Pays® web page.
Maternal & Child HealthStart Smart for Your Baby® program for pregnant members, babies and families. Start Smart features no-cost nursing support, education and gifts. Plus:
  • Help with benefits and community services.
  • Special texting programs for Start Smart moms.
  • Baby showers at no cost are led by a Smart Start care team member. Useful baby items are offered. A nurse will be there to teach moms:
    • How to care for themselves and their babies during pregnancy, about the many benefits available during pregnancy, like dental exams and prenatal checkups, and about other resources, like car-seat safety and the Women Infants and Children nutrition program (WIC).
  • Birthday programs for children.
  • Rides to WIC appointments.
  • Earn $15 for completing a Notice of Pregnancy.
When you send us your Notification of Pregnancy form, we will invite you to participate in Start Smart for Your Baby. Submit this through the portal or via the online form. To schedule WIC trips, call Modivcare at 1-877-917-8162 or visit their website for other options to book a ride.
Cell PhoneSafeLink offers a LifeLine program for those who qualify. This program provides 350 minutes, unlimited texts and 4.5GB of data per month. As a member of Sunflower Health Plan, you can contact our customer service line without using your minutes.
Apply online to SafeLink Wireless. Or call SafeLink at 1-877-631-2550 to apply over the phone.
Teladoc Digital Mental HealthOur Teladoc Mental Health online program offers eLearning to help members overcome depression and anxiety. This online program includes simple tools, weekly exercises, mood trackers and daily inspirational quotes and videos. The program may be used independently or with other care.Access this through Teladoc.
Community Programs for Children
  • Youth members, ages 5 to 18, can receive a $50 credit per year for programs, like YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts or Scouts BSA.
  • Sunny’s Kids Club program promotes healthy eating, exercise and education! Each Kids Club member gets a club membership card and activity book. Sunny’s web page features books and fun activities.
  • Strong Youth Strong Communities Program™ (SYSC). SYSC works with the Pro Football Hall of Fame and other youth-serving groups. SYSC resources are found on the SYSC website and mobile app.
Each local Boys and Girls Club has vouchers.

Sign up for Sunny's Kids Club by completing a simple request form.

Visit the Strong Youth Strong Communities website.
Weight Management & Nutrition
  • We offer an adult weight-management program. It provides phone outreach, education and support to members. These services improve nutrition and exercise patterns to manage weight and minimize health-risk factors. For members 18 and older.
  • Raising Well® is a child weight-management program. It helps overweight and obese children achieve better long-term health. It works with parents toward permanent healthy habits.
Speak to a Sunflower care manager.
Healthy Eating - Farmers Market VouchersWe promote healthy eating. Members can receive produce vouchers worth $10 at special events with participating Farmers Markets. $10 voucher is per member and not capped by household.Locations announced on our websiteFacebook page & by postcards we mail.
Caregiving Collaborations®Caregivers are supported through various channels in the Caregiving Collaborations program. This benefit is available to one primary, informal support caregiver per member. Benefits include the Caregiver Resource Center and a Caregiver Journal. In addition to the program benefits, each member and caregiver will continue to receive coordination of respite services available through the individual care plan.Speak to a Sunflower care manager or visit our Caregiver Resources page.
Employment Support & TransportationGROW (GED, Rides, Opportunities, Work) is an employment support resource program. We help members identify and remove employment barriers. GROW features extra transportation coverage, GED test vouchers and career counseling. Members are connected with a Benefits Specialist to learn how their income may affect their benefits.Contact our employment support email box or call Customer Service toll free 1-877-644-4623 (TTY 711).

2024 Sunflower Value Added Benefits for Members on Waivers & Special Populations

Service NameDescription of ServiceHow to Access Service
Respite Care (FE & PD Waivers)Up to 60 hours of respite care per year for non-paid caregivers who provide supports for persons on the FE and PD waivers or members on a waiting list for home and community-based services. No more than 48 hours can be used in one month.Members can request this by calling their care manager. If you don’t have one, or don’t know who it is, please call Customer Service.
Transportation to Community & Social Events (FE, PD & BI Waivers)Social transportation: Three round trips per year for FE, PD and BI waiver members to attend local events and social activities. Sunflower can help members find events and activities to attend.Members can schedule rides or arrange for mileage reimbursement by calling ModivCare.
Nursing Home Transition

Sunflower helps members return to their own homes by working with providers to:

  • Conduct advance planning. This may include finding housing and household items, confirming informal supports and helping to hire caregivers.
  • Do follow-up visits. These ensure services and equipment are meeting the member’s needs.
  • Confirm or set up PCP appointments.
  • Members may qualify for more financial help or benefits, based on need, when moving to independent living.
Members can request this by calling their care manager. If you don’t have one, or don’t know who it is, please call Customer Service.
Home Delivered Meals (FE Waiver)Home-delivered meals for FE waiver members returning home from a nursing home or inpatient stay. Covers up to two meals per day for up to seven days. KanCare covers this service for PD and BI waiver members.Members can request this by calling their care manager. If you don’t have one, or don’t know who it is, please call Customer Service.
Peer Support Program (FE & PD Waivers)Peer Support Program for members receiving FE & PD waiver benefits, as well as members on the waiting list for PD waiver services. This social interaction includes monthly phone calls with other members, facilitated by a Sunflower Member Liaison.Members can request this by calling their care manager. If you don’t have one, or don’t know who it is, please call Customer Service.
Hospital Companionship (FE, IDD & PD Waivers)Up to 16 hours of hospital companionship for persons on the FE, IDD and PD waivers.Members can request this by calling their care manager. If you don’t have one, or don’t know who it is, please call Customer Service.
Behavioral Health and Foster Care Training & Support ProgramsThese include peer-support calls for foster & adoptive families, a recorded training library, interactive training via, live caregiver training and provider training to facilitate foster care education.Members can request this by calling their care manager. If you don’t have one, or don’t know who it is, please call Customer Service.