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Diversity and Translation Resources

Sunflower recognizes the value and contributions of our community. Diversity makes us who we are. It represents all the ways we are uniquely different. To better assist you, Sunflower provides diversity and cultural support services. Sunflower also provides resources. The Sunflower provider directory notes providers who are accessible by ADA standards. Members with a physical disability can also call Sunflower for help with appointments.

Interpreter Services

Interpreter services are provided at no cost to you during any service or grievance process. For material in an alternative format, contact Sunflower at 1-877-644-4623. Sunflower can help translate your health coverage benefits. Sunflower can also help translate available services. If you need something translated into a language other than English, please call Sunflower. This includes sign language. We can also provide other aids for communication such as Braille.

If you need an interpreter at your medical appointment, contact Sunflower 48 hours before your appointment. We will arrange for one to be at your appointment.