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Important Pharmacy Benefit Manager Change, Effective January 1, 2024

Date: 11/10/23

We are pleased to announce that, effective January 1, 2024, Express Scripts® will begin processing pharmacy claims for our plan members for KanCare (Medicaid), Wellcare (Medicare) and Ambetter (Marketplace).

Express Scripts is a pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company serving more than 100 million Americans. Express Scripts Pharmacy delivers specialized care that puts patients first through a smarter approach to pharmacy services.

Members have been notified in advance and will receive a new ID card with updated pharmacy information, so that they are prepared to begin having their prescriptions filled at participating network pharmacies when this change occurs.

Below are the important changes to the pharmacy processing information that are reflected on the new member ID cards. Please note, member ID numbers will remain the same.

Plan NameBINPCNGroupExpress Scripts Help Desk
Sunflower KanCare003858MA2ELA1-877-644-4623
Wellcare DlAcc Open PPO DSNP610014MEDDPRIME2FFA1-833-750-0202
Wellcare Dual Access HMO D-SNP610014MEDDPRIME2FFA1-833-750-0202
Wellcare Dual Liberty HMO DSNP610014MEDDPRIME2FFA1-833-750-0202
Wellcare Patriot Gb Open PPO610014MAC2FHU1-833-750-0202
Ascension Via Christi Access PPO610014MEDDPRIME2FFA1-833-750-0202
Wellcare Assist (HMO)610014MEDDPRIME2FFA1-833-750-0202
Wellcare Giveback HMO610014MEDDPRIME2FFA1-833-750-0202
Wellcare No Premium HMO610014MEDDPRIME2FFA1-833-750-0202
Wellcare No Premium Open PPO610014MEDDPRIME2FFA1-833-750-0202
Ascension Via Christi Secure HMO610014MEDDPRIME2FFA1-833-750-0202
Ascension Via Christi AccPlus PPO610014MEDDPRIME2FFA1-833-750-0202
Ascension Via Christi Reward II HMO610014MEDDPRIME2FFA1-833-750-0202

Providers can direct members to call the Customer Service phone number listed on their ID card should they have questions about this change.

Please view the Transition FAQs or contact your Provider Relations Representative with any additional questions.

Thank you for the care you provide to our members.