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Value-Based Programs

You’ve dedicated your life to helping people and providing the best patient care.

We’re here to help.

Like you, we take our commitment to helping people seriously — it’s one we’ve held throughout our history serving Kansas. Even as the healthcare industry continues to evolve, your dedication, and ours, to the health of individuals and families never changes.

That’s why, as a leader in managed care, we are introducing an innovative provider-led, value-based healthcare approach which puts physicians and patients first.

We believe transforming the way we work with healthcare providers is critical to improving the health of our community.

Six Foundations of Our Value-Based Programs

  • Puts physicians in control of how their patients are treated
  • Provides a financial incentive for high-quality outcomes
  • Ensures that necessary care is not withheld
  • Physician-directed care through referrals
  • Emphasizes preventive services
  • Focuses on the reduction of avoidable healthcare costs

Avoidable healthcare costs fall into three distinct categories:

  • Waste - Services that are duplicative or unnecessary
  • Excessive Cost - Services that could be delivered at a lower cost while achieving similar outcomes
  • Patients Lacking or Not Following a Treatment Plan - Members not managing chronic conditions, nor seeking preventive care

Our models support high-quality patient care with enhanced tools and resources to make it easier for you to reduce avoidable healthcare costs.


  • Providers decide the best course of treatment for patients.
  • Leading edge, technology-enabled tools give providers more accurate, real-time patient data.
  • Care support teams and resources to help provide optimal patient care.


  • Financial incentives for high-quality outcomes.
  • Emphasis on preventative services help reduce avoidable healthcare costs.
  • Goals related to access, continuity of care, patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

Sunflower Health Plan is committed to helping people live healthier lives and providing healthcare to the under-served. As a leader in managed care, we understand that improving the ways physicians and patients experience and interact with the healthcare system lead to higher-quality care.

Our incentive programs and value-based plans are designed to give physicians more control, while also reducing barriers to providing better patient outcomes.

We offer alignment of health plan and provider goals, with financial incentive for high-quality outcomes, and emphasis on preventative services, and focus on the reduction of avoidable healthcare costs.

We’re with you, every step of the way.

Participating in an incentive or value-based care program with Sunflower Health Plan gives you more opportunities to actively manage the care of your patients, while benefiting from an enhanced reimbursement structure for quality outcome.

We’ll work right alongside you to collaborate on cost-reduction strategies, review cost and utilization data, and identify best practices and methods of improvement.

To participate in our incentive or value based programs, please contact