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Provider/Practitioner Changes

Please note that all participating Medicaid providers must be enrolled with KanCare and have a KMAP ID for each servicing location by January 1, 2019. Medicaid providers, participating or non-participating, will not be paid for services if billed without a valid KMAP ID.

For all changes and/or updates, please reference the provider change form instruction sheet before submitting any of the below forms.

Practitioner Rights

Practitioners have the right to obtain the status of their application at any time throughout the credentialing process and the right to review information submitted to support the credentialing application. Practitioners also have the right to correct erroneous information, should any information obtained from other sources vary substantially from the information provided with the application. Should that occur, you will be notified by the Sunflower Health Credentialing Department and will have thirty (30) days to correct the information. To obtain credentialing status, or if you have questions about these rights, please contact the Sunflower Contracting Department at 1-877-644-4623.